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WAKEFOIL Short Sleeve AK Foil Board 2019
WAKEFOIL Short Sleeve AK Foil Board 2019
Build your foil setup around the WAKEFOIL SS AK Foil Board. This board comes with inserts for your footstraps to help you experience new ways of enjoying the water. The WAKEFOIL SS AK Foil Board can be used without the foil setup as a wake surfer or with the foil setup so you can join the revolution of surfers who get to shred above the water to avoid the chop. High Density Board Designed for buoyancy and more efficient pumping. Directional Rocker The directional rocker shape of this board enhances the ease of lift off by providing an upward flair on the rails and added length and width in the nose. This allows you to float effortlessly on the water as you begin to engage the foil. The spoon like shape of the nose is designed to deter the board from pearling under the water, rather providing a soft landing when returning to the surface. Inserts Includes inserts for straps. AK 4-6 Surfboard Designed with versatility in mind, the AK 4-6 comes with foil track plugs and fins so you can also ride it as a premium wake surfboard when not using it to hydrofoil. | WAKEFOIL Short Sleeve AK Foil Board 2019>
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