Why does a different product appear when I click on the buy it button?

These products are hot and move super fast. We try to keep up to date with them as closely as we can, but sometimes they even out run us.

How often are deals and sales listed?

The deals from the daily deal and One Deal at a Time (ODAT) sites are updated almost instantly. There may be a little lag where you see an image on our website that is different from what the current deal is but there is usually plenty of time to catch the deal before it's gone.

Why did the product link take me to a totally different page?

Unfortunatly, some times products sell out before we can remove them from our website. When this happens you usually get redirected to a different page from the online retailer.

Why are there so many duplicate brands listed?

Because we get products from so many merchants, they all like to call brands by a little different names. We are frantically working with them to get this resolved.