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GearChase subscribes to many affiliate networks online as a way to offset the cost of running a website. The majority of the links to products listed on are affiliate links which means we earn a small comission (typically from 0.1% to 10%) the sale price of the item linked to. We hope that the user of understand the need for advertisements and affiliate links on our website to help us fund the website and ultimatly provide users with better tools for finding amazing deals on outdoor gear.

The goal of is to provide great information about industry products from informative and product reviews to shopping tools to help you compare and find the best price on an item online. The money we earn helps us stay in business, it in now way controls the most improtant aspect of our site which is helping you find the best sales on outdoor gear.

While some of our featured post and reviews we receive products from the manufacture or retailer these never interfere with our opnion of a product. We will always list the pro's and con's to a product. If we think it sucks, we will let you know that your money is better spent else where. Additionally, if we love a product we will let you know why. We on occation include affiliate links to product we both love and hate. These again help us keep the website up and running. We want to be forthright and honest that these affiliate links or how we obtain a product will never bias a gear review, we will never be paid for a positive review,

Our number one goal is to provide links to the best deals on the internet for outdoor gear. Sometimes we post deals in which we recieve not compensation or affiliate commissions, the deals are sometimes just too good not to share with our friends. Our mission is to save you time and money by searching through hundreds of online stores and providing tools and information about outdoor products to help you find the best value on the products you need for your next adventure.

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