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campark-rm02-1920p-11-full-touch-screen-with-sony-sensor-front-and-rear-view-mirror-dash-camera, About this itemDetachable Front Camera and Longer Rear Camera Cable?': The 11-inch full touch screen mirror driving recorder features the latest detachable camera, where the camera is separated from the main unit for full mirror real time monitoring. The detachable front camera can be placed anywhere on the windshield to avoid obstruction from other devices. Also swipe the screen left and right to easily switch between the front and rear view mirror views. This camera is more convenient, safe and beautiful.Dual Sony lens anti-glare and no overexposure?': Campark car mirror camera uses a fully laminated screen to get the best image even under strong sunlight. Both front and rear mirrors are equipped with Sony sensors using WDR technology to minimize the glare of other headlights in night vision.1920P *1080P front and 1920P *1080P rear camera?'11 inch mirror car recorder streaming full touch screen car recorder with 1920P *1080P front and 1920P *1080P rear camera, super night vision, support up to 128G SD card (not included). Parking line is adjustable by on-screen touch to fit a variety of vehicles; Loop recording allows new clips to replace old ones to free up storage space, G-sensor locks emergency files without overwriting any content as evidence.GPS Tracking and Parking Monitoring with Battery Protection?': The included GPS module allows you to add driving speed, location and route to your recorded files for later use. With the hardwire kit connected (not included), the dual car recorder automatically shoots video after a collision is detected, then turns off after 30 seconds of locked video to prevent the car's battery from running out.11-inch split-screen displayYou can view the full-screen display from front to back on this 11-inch IPS touchscreen. Swipe left and right to switch to front and rear camera views. Brightness and the viewing angle can be adjusted with a quick swipe. The display can be turned off as a rearview mirror and continue recording.All-around protectionIt uses a 170Adeg front camera and a 160Adeg rear camera to record both front and rear. Both cameras can be adjusted for the best viewing angle.GPS TrackingThe Car Recorder Kit comes with a GPS antenna to accurately record driving speed, direction and route for checking on your PC.Automatic display of stop linesWhen reversing, the rearview mirror tachograph immediately defaults to a full-screen display of the rear camera and automatically displays the parking lane. This provides the driver with the highest level of confidence and visibility when reversing.Parking MonitorWhen used with a hardwire kit (not included), this car recorder provides parking monitoring and records 30 seconds of emergency video. The compatible Hardwire Kit protects the car battery from being drained by cutting off power when low.Loop Recording & Gravity SensingRecording can be set for different time loops of 1/2/3 minutes. With G-Sensor, it will automatically lock the lens in a collision.Specification.Video resolution:Front:1920*1080P, Rear :1920*1080Pmirror screen 11-inchSeparate front camera for flexible installationFully laminated screen minimizes glare in strong sunlightSony sensors for lowest exposure in night visionLonger rear cam extension cable 8.5m fits most vehicles (can be purchased separately)Supports card storage up to 128GB (not included)Higher temperature resistance -30~70AdegCIncludes GPS antenna to record driving speed, route for more evidencePackage1x 11 inch Mirror Dash Cam (with two layers of protective film)1x Backup Camera1x6M Cable for Backup Camera with Screws and 3M Tapes1x 5V/2.5A Car Charger4x Rubber Straps4x Cable Clamps1x Easy Pry Tool1x User Manual