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flybird-olympic-bumper-plates, 170lb set = 10lb pair + 15lb pair + 25lb pair + 35lb pair190lb set = 10lb pair + 15lb pair + 25lb pair + 45lb pair260lb set = 10lb pair + 15lb pair + 25lb pair + 35lb pair + 45lb pairWhy bumper plates?Bumper plates are made of rubber with a metal insert in the middle. They are meant to be dropped to the ground after completing a lift such as an Olympic lift, a deadlift, etc.Compared to metal plates, they are quieter and much more friendly to the floor and therefore are great for home gym/garage gym uses.Remember, bumper plates can be used for more exercises than those involving a barbell. Exercises that you can do with bumper plates:DeadliftSquatBench PressOlympic LiftsLungePlate DragRussian Twist, etc.Why Flybird Classic Color Olympic Bumper Plates?Durable, Made for the Most Intense Workouts?'We picked only the finest materials. Quality control is rigorous. And the tests are relentless. We make sure that these plates are made for the most intense workouts.Extremely Durable Stainless Steel Insert?'It withstood numerous drop tests in the factory, staying right where it belongs without budging an inch!No need to worry about it coming off or breaking.Low, Dead Bounce & Low, Dead Noise?'When designing the product, we took into full account the fact that bumper plates should not bounce up to your waist after being dropped and cause your neighbor's passive-aggressive complaints. Low Odor?' Odor is a big thing to tackle when designing and manufacturing rubber products (now that I'm writing this, pretty much all products!). We always make sure that Flybird products emit low odor or are straight-up odor-free.We make sure to do our best to clear the obstacles between you and a good training session, enabling you to focus on the actual training!IWF Specs?' We calibrate our plates beyond IWF standards and now maintain a tight tolerance of +/- 1%. The plates are 450mm/17.72 inches in diameter with a 50.5mm center hole for a precise and secure fit on 2" Olympic barbells.1-Year Warranty?'Being passionate about the products ourselves and eager to help you build your physique and strength, we are very quick in responding to your needs.Reach out if you have any questions!Specifications?'Size: 450mm/17.72 inches in diameterOpening Diameter: 50.5mm/2 inches, compatible with Olympic weightlifting bars & powerlifting barsThickness:10LB: 0.83''15LB: 1.02'25LB: 1.53''35LB: 2.08''45LB: 2.63''Durometer:10LB: 8015LB: 8525LB: 9035LB: 9045LB: 90