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flybird-olympic-weight-bench, Flybird Olympic weight bench, adjustable weightlifting benchWith 4 adjustable Components - barbell rack, preacher curl pad, backrest cushion, and leg curls, allow you to customize the angle to your workout needs. Allows the bench press rack to be used for a variety of training, such as flat bench presses, incline dumbbell presses, single-arm dumbbell preacher curls, and more.Suitable for weight training targeting multiple muscle groups throughout the body. It's the best choice for a home gym. The most popular bench equipment(Choose the combo you need, you can transform any space at home or in the office into your very own workout zone.)Adjustable DumbellBarbell: Olympic Barbell BarAdded Weight: Cast Iron Weight Plates or Bumper Plates The exercises with equipment and targeted muscle groups include:Bench press (incline, flat, and decline for upper chest, middle chest, lower chest, triceps, and shoulders)Military press for shouldersLeg extension for quads (the front muscles of your thighs)Leg curl mainly for hamstrings and calves, but also glutes, quads, and the front shinsPreacher curl for biceps, with Flybird Adjustable DumbbellsOverhead tricep extension for tricepsBack row for back muscles with the adjustable dumbbellsSit-ups for abs & obliquesWeight Bench SpecificationsBench weight capacity: 900lbsLeg developer weight capacity: 220lbsBarbell rack weight capacity: 660lbsMaterials: premium alloy steel & premium foamBackrest angles: 8 including incline, flat, and decline anglesBarbell rack height levels: 5Curl pad height levels: 5Distance between 2 standing posts of the barbell rack: 37.8'' from outer edge to outer edgeWeight storage posts length & diameter: 21" & 0.98 "Product Dimension (fully assembled): 61"D x 39"W x 46"HItem Weight: 61lbs