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bundle-set-of-dumbbells-25-lbs-weight-bench-fb299, FLYBIRD's adjustable workout bench offers a complete home gym experience, combining strength and cardio workouts. It features multiple adjustment positions, making it versatile for a variety of exercises. With a padded seat for comfort and a full-size seat for more leg maneuverability during exercises like glute kickbacks, this bench is suitable for all fitness levels.FB299 Specifications:Length (flat): 46.5'' (118 cm)Width (flat): 13.8'' (35 cm)Height (flat): 18.9'' (48 cm)Backrest Length: 31'' (79cm)3 Seat Angles: flat, 12Adeg, 23Adeg8 Back Pad Angles: 24Adeg, 38Adeg, 52Adeg, 70Adeg, 90Adeg, flat and decline (-9Adeg, -30Adeg)Stowed Dimensions: 30.1'' L x 13.8'' W x 9.5'' H (79 x 35 x 24 cm)Weight Capacity: 880lbs (400kg)Item Weight: 30LBNow check out this one-stop solution:FB299 + Our highly sought-after adjustable dumbbells (25lbs).Our adjustable dumbbells have been extremely popular since the very start. Customers love them for theirSpace-saving capabilities (up to 80%, 1 set for 5 sets!)quick and convenient weight switch (just twist it!)great looksAnd now, we have upgraded them to 2023 new versions! Now, the bar is coated with TPE, Thermoplastic Elastomer materials. They are durable and much more comfortable to hold than metal, without compromising any gripping friction. TPE materials do not contain any toxins and are 100% safe for human health.The weight plates have been upgraded to carbon steel coated with high-quality nylon, durable and pleasing to the eye.Adjustable Dumbbells Specifications:Gears available: 25lbs Adjustable Dumbbells: 5lbs, 10lbs, 15lbs, 20lbs, and 25lbs.Product details: 25lbs Adjustable Dumbbells