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bundle-set-of-dumbbells-55-lbs-weight-bench-fb139, Multi-function And AdjustableWhether you're a beginner or an expert in the gym, this bundle has everything you need to reach your fitness goals. With dumbbells that have 5 different weight settings and a versatile, steel bench with 10 settings, you can work out any muscle group. The stability of the steel bench and foot grips, combined with the powerful dumbbells, allows your workouts to reach new heights. You can trust that you'll be fully supported by our Flybird Weights Adjustable Weight Bench up to 600 pounds, whether you are in a declined, flat, or inclined position. This duo makes sure you can always have powerhouse workouts.Dumbbells adjust from 15 - 55 lbsAdjusts in intervals of 10 lbsReplaces 10 individual dumbbells6 back positions & 4 seat positions Fit for up to 10 different exercises.Stability And Strength CombinedWith this incredible bundle, the exercises you can perform are endless. Adjust your weights and bench angles to work for any muscle group effectively. Quickly transition through workouts with an easy and seamless adjustment process. You'll also save a huge amount of space in your house with these powerful dumbbells that replace 5 sets of weights. Better yet, the Flybird Weights Adjustable Weight Bench is easy to fold and allows for stress-free storage.1-SECOND WEIGHTS CHANGEOnly need a place less than one square meterThe ideal bundle for working out any part of the bodyThe bench easily folds for optimal storageBest Choice For People up to 5'9"