The Venom - TrueTimber VSX

The Venom - TrueTimber VSX

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The Venom - TrueTimber VSX, In the world of Xtreme Performance Fat Tire bikes, you will not find anything like The Venom. It is comprised of only the highest end components. From the silent variable transmission in the German made Rohloff SPEEDHUB. The Rohloff Speed Hub is an internal gear system working like a smooth transmission for your E-Bike. It's a rugged 14 speed hub delivering a whopping 526% gear range to climb the steepest terrain with ease. The internal design requires less maintenance and gives the rider more confidence in rugged terrain with no external parts to break. This hub works great on Extreme Terrain such as Mountains, Mud, Tall Grass and Cut Corn Fields. We pared that with the Bafang Ultra Torque Sensing motor. This Ultra motor is referred to as a smart motor. The speed, cadence, shift, brake, and torque sensor technology provide continuous feedback from rider to motor, simultaneously allowing the motor to deliver exactly what the rider needs. And if that wasn't enough we added inverted suspension forks and a custom frame for a smooth ride. This bike is built for ultimate performance!