TRX(R) Slam Ball 6 lbs

TRX(R) Slam Ball 6 lbs

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TRX(R) Slam Ball 6 lbs, Make an impact. Filled with sand and 100% non-bouncy, this durable ball with a grippy rubber outer is the ultimate accessory for working out (and who are we kidding-working out some stress). Lift it overhead and slam it on the ground to work every muscle in your body while working up a sweat. Slam it sideways into a wall to amp up that rotational fire. Available in weights from 6-50 LBs. *Note: TRX Slam Balls are filled with sand to retain their shape, weight, and sturdiness. Pumping air through the nozzle will damage the ball. Product Specifications: Textured tread surface for slip-resistant grip Filled with sand for shape and weight Bounce-resistant construction for maximum metabolic training Why Buy from TRX? Free Shipping Free Returns within 30 Days 30-Day Free Trial to TRX Training Club 6-year warranty | TRX(R) Slam Ball 6 lbs