Appalachian Adventure Bundle: 4 Pairs - Light Cushion

Appalachian Adventure Bundle: 4 Pairs - Light Cushion

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Appalachian Adventure Bundle: 4 Pairs - Light Cushion, Embrace the spirit of the Appalachian Trail with our Appalachian Adventurer Bundle. This curated 4-pair set combines the rugged durability of our Damascus socks with the awe-inspiring design of the Max Patch-giving you the best of both worlds. Sourced entirely from U.S. ranchers, both styles feature a 19.5-micron merino wool blend that naturally regulates temperature and resists odor.The Damascus, inspired by the scenic Virginia trails, offers a quarter-crew cut and technology-packed features like multi-channel ventilation and targeted cushioning-ideal for hikers in low-profile boots or trail runners. The Max Patch, capturing the 360-degree views of its namesake near Asheville, NC, enhances your hiking experience with an infinite loop of mountain tops around the ankle and a lower height for ankle-high views. Step into this bundle for superior comfort, durability, and an all-American hiking adventure.