Surplus 1/4" AR500 8" Static Steel Target

Surplus 1/4" AR500 8" Static Steel Target

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Surplus 1/4" AR500 8" Static Steel Target, Use the discount code "C15" to receive an additional 15% off Surplus items!This steel was part of a truck load surplus buy. It has been freshly shot blasted prior to cutting so it has clean cuts and surface. This is however surplus steel, it may contain some minor visual defects from long term storage. We have tested the steel and found it to be of very good quality.This product still holds a full warranty. They are still top quality targets, just not our normal stock.The static targets are cut to fit a 1/2" carriage bolt to be mounted to a steel post, 2x4 or other structure. The static targets are designed for centerfire handguns up to 45ACP. The Targets are not designed for magnum handgun rounds or centerfire rifle rounds. Handguns should be used no closer than 10 yards.Add equipment option- parts can be added to this product by using the menu in the right side, the last option (stand and hanger) offers a complete set up excluding the wood 2x4. .Targets do not ship with mounting hardware.Targets are shipped unpainted.Be sure and take a look at our new static target stands. They provide a solid base to mount a 2x4, targets are easily hung on the 2x4 using the static target hanger kit.