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Road bikers look no further for the latest innovations in light weight and sleek style bikes – from frames, helmets and the lightest weight parts and accessories for replacements and those who like to build their own. We have all the parts and gear to ensure the highest efficiency, so you get the most out of every pedal – whether you are racing to the finish line, or racing to work on the commute. For commuters, you’ll be pleased with our full line of accessories from water bottle cages to bike panniers and seat bags – giving you the cargo space to get what you need to the office and back.

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We have a special place for our off road mountain bikers and downhillers. For those who beat themselves up and come back for more, you need bikes that can hold up through the abuse – and you need the best price too. Fortunately for you, we can help you with both of those. Tell us what you need, we’ll give you the side by side price comparison so you know you’re getting a good deal. You’ll find the best prices on shocks, frames, tires, wheels, seats, you name it. We know that sometimes you just need to replace parts. And we have them all. Plus, of course we have all the best apparel to keep you cool, comfortable and looking good while you are flying down the mountain. We have top of the line helmets, including the latest carbon fiber helmets at the lowest prices to ensure you protect what’s most important.

When it comes to apparel and outerwear, you won’t find a wider selection of cycling and biking clothing and active wear. Whether you need professional top of the line racing spandex, or rider friendly comfortable apparel to wick away moisture and keep you cool. From cycling jackets, rain jackets, biking gloves, and jerseys for all ages – we have all the top name brands at the lowest prices.

We have a specialty cycling and bike shop for kids and children of all ages, from toddlers starting at 18 months, we have balance bikes without pedals and helmets and other apparel. Start your little athlete young with perfectly fitted bikes as they grow, from training wheels to full on shocked out mountain bikes for a 6 year old. Just start browsing, and get your little tyke decked out for the pavement or the mountain!

Yet why we are different, we don’t just sell this stuff – we know how to use it. Everyone who works here at GearChase is an avid outdoor addict. It just happens that cycling is probably one of the best sports out there, between road biking, mountain biking and BMX – you have a fan for every generation. Join our online community at We have dozens of articles on tips on how to gain better efficiency when road biking, the most rockin’ mountain bike videos, mountain bike etiquette (important people, downhill has right of way!), and just cool stuff to know like how Jackson Goldstone became a prodigy mountain biker at age 8 – because his parents gave him a balance strider bike at 15 months. Check out our blog for awesome pics, videos and interesting articles! Also follow us on Facebook for great entertainment and outdoor humor.

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