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LOG 6 reduction) as well as helping eliminate 99.9% of parasites (protozoan) (>LOG 3 reduction) and fine particles (0.2 microns in size) to reduce turbidity.Easy to Use: You'll love how easy the LifeStraw is to use. It's both chemical and battery free and all you have to do is submerge the LifeStraw in water and use like a normal straw, it's that easy to get fresh, pure drinking water.Specs:Warranty info: Comes with a limited 1-year warrantyWeight: 2 oz.Length: 8.8"Filtering power: Will reduce from LOG 6 to LOG 3 reductionOne of the best survival tips you could ever receive is to add the LifeStraw Water Filter to your survival gear collection. With the LifeStraw in your survival kit it's easy to stay hydrated with pure drinking water any time, any place. It's a must for a go bag, a backpacking expedition, or for a mission trip across the world.Just make sure to get the LifeStraw now so you've got it when you need it.>
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