6'0 Haydenshapes x Surftech White Noize Surfboard (Blemish)

6'0 Haydenshapes x Surftech White Noize Surfboard (Blemish)

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6'0 Haydenshapes x Surftech White Noize Surfboard (Blemish), Haydenshapes x Surftech White NoizeThe Cohort I is the staple shortboard in the lineup, which rides fast and free. Building upon a rockerline used in many of the HS shortboards it allows this board to keep effortless and fast flow between turnsSKILL LEVEL - 2-10A balanced volume distribution throughout puts performance and sensitivity at the forefront of the models design whilst still allowing for easy paddling. A perfect all rounder shortboard for all skill levels.CONDITIONS - ABOVE AVERAGE TO PUMPINGThe Cohort I is designed around a user friendly outline that suits a range of conditions. Making it the perfect everyday soldier in your quiver.SUITABLE WAVE FACES - WAIST TO DOUBLE OVERHEADAll locations and conditions when the waves offer a few sections to work with. Not suitable below waist high.Dimensions6'0 x 19 1/2 x 2 7/16 x 30.0LFin SystemFuturesConstructionPU**BLEMISH** - This board has visible cosmetic scuffs/ discoloring. They do not affect the construction or integrity of the board. See photos for details