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bikepacking-certified-3-in-1-usb-charging-cable, We ride with kLite every day, so we're sort of particular about the type of charging cables that we use. You might call us cable snobs.What makes a cable great, you ask?Well for one, it works and continues to do so for a long time. Cables fail for all kinds of reasons, sometimes the failure is visible (cracked housing, broken connection) and sometimes it's erratic (loose wires, loose connections). Either way, you're in the wilderness and you are relying on your cables to keep you electronic navigation going and if you're into that sort of thing, your tunes jamming. When you're on a big trip, we always advocate for a second set of cables for redundancy. The second thing that makes a cable great is some sort of indication that power is getting from the USB charger to the device itself. When we're out riding locally, we often ride with a USB current monitor but all of that testing equipment gets jettisoned when we're out on tour, so we really like cables with an LED indicator that shows us that current is flowing. Nothing better than looking down at your cockpit and knowing that your devices are absolutely charging before you dive down a big descent.We've happened upon a really useful set that we've been riding for the past six months and are pleased to report that we now consider it "bikepacking certified". This USB cable comes with a USB-A on one side to connect to your kLite USB charger or battery, and on the other side, a 3-in-1 charging setup with three charging heads, one that is USB-C, one that is Apple Lightning, and one that is Micro USB. In between, there is a coiled cable, reminiscent of a wired telephone cord, that allows for the extension of the cable from resting of approximately 10 inches to a maximum of 24 inches. This tends to cover most cockpit extensions and the coil helps with minimizing any extra cable length for the specific application. The cord comes with a permanently mounted retention clip that allows you to stop any rattle or bounce from the cable when it's in place. Finally, the 3-in-1 side also has a blue LED that lights up when the cord is powered up.How are you still not riding with this awesome accessory?Produced in China for jefe.bike. 26g. Available in Black and Pink colorways.