Indian Challenger Stage 3 kit-Chrome

Indian Challenger Stage 3 kit-Chrome

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Indian Challenger Stage 3 kit-Chrome, Pair the industries best exhaust with the leader in tuning and you have a combination that can't be beat. Dynojet and Rinehart exhaust have teamed up to bring you the best setup there is for your Challenger. Our new tune has been extensively tested on the dyno and in the field to ensure a riding experience that is superior to anything else in the market. Dynojet's unparalleled calibration experience has resulted in a tune that transforms the Challengers performance and ridability to a new level. No add-on electronics needed, simply send your ECU to Dynojet for the flash service and reinstall when you get it back.When you place your order you will be emailed a call tag. Remove your ECU by watching the video here Carefully package up the ECU so it does not get damaged, affix the shipping label to the package and send in to Dynojet. The package will arrive NEXT DAY AIR and will be shipped back to you NEXT DAY AIR (excluding the weekends). Put your name, return shipping and tune instructions inside the package. Orders placed after 12pm PT will be processed the following business day.Indian has been known to have multiple stock files for the same vehicle and if we do not currently have support for your ECU it could take up to 3 days to get the ECU sent back to you.