Odyssey GTX-S Gyro Detangler (Blue) (1-1/8") - B-326-BU

Odyssey GTX-S Gyro Detangler (Blue) (1-1/8") - B-326-BU

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Odyssey GTX-S Gyro Detangler (Blue) (1-1/8") - B-326-BU, The Odyssey GTX-S Gyro detangler is made from 6061-T6 aluminum with a low 17mm stack height, sealed ball bearings for improved performance and recessed cable seats for a clean look. Includes new headset dust cover for additional gyro clearance. 1-1/8" (1.5 oz) Note: Cables, upper plate and tabs sold separately Inner Diameter 46mm Note: May not work with frames that have oversized headtubes. Be sure to measure the outer diameter of your frame headtube before ordering.