Shred Beanie

Shred Beanie

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Shred Beanie, Every season is ChipsA(R) season with the Shred Beanie.With two hidden pockets in just the right places, Shred Beanie has a super-soft feel, timeless silhouette and is the perfect mate to any style of ChipsA(R) Helmet Audio-and it looks good with or without them. We also added a third smaller pocket to hold your secret stash. Get yours now, for all these perfect reasons:It's 100% Acrylic rib knit and one-size-fits allComes in black with a rounded crown and a contrast-stitch labelYou can't wear your helmet 24/7, just to use your ChipsA(R)Beanies are always coolYou don't need ChipsA(R) to look good in it And in case you're wondering...Will it hold my Wired Chips? Yes.What about the Chips 3.0? Sure can.What about the Chips Ultra? Again, yes!