Glowworm Cable

Glowworm Cable

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Glowworm Cable, USB-A to-Lightning performance in a flat-out killer cableThe first thing you notice about the GLOWWORM is that it's a flat cable. Why? Because flat engineering provides greater current-carrying capacity, since flat cables have more superior heat dissipation than round cables.Flat is also anti-tangle: a feature round cables can never achieve. GLOWWORM is 6-feet long so you get plenty of charging space-and as its name implies, includes LED illumination to indicate your charging status. Features to loveFlowing LED lights during chargingThis product is MFi-Certified = "Made for iPhones, iPods and iPads." If you're running AppleA(R) products, you want that certification in your charging cable for 100% performance that non-certified cables don't provide. Read: What does MFi-Certified mean and why does it matter? Full product specificationsPart Number: OT3140-RUPC: 818389017072Color: Black and RedProduct Length: 1.8 metersProduct Weight: 70.5g = 2.48oz = 0.15lbsCharge Input: 5V 2.4ACharge Output: 5V 2.4A