Hyperlite Capitol Loaded Wakeboard 2023 size 143

Hyperlite Capitol Loaded Wakeboard 2023 size 143

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Hyperlite Capitol Loaded Wakeboard 2023 size 143, evo.com | Hyperlite Wakeboards > The all new Hyperlite Capitol Loaded Wakeboard is the product of a fruitful partnership between rider Cory Teunissen and legendary shaper Scott Bouchard. Designed to meet the needs of Cory's explosive riding style, the Capitol Loaded features Blended 3-Stage Rocker for maximum pop and Sharp Exit Channels for the fastest, cleanest release. Laid up in Hyperlite's most advanced construction with a low swing weight and smooth carving style, the board transitions from edge to edge with confidence and speed. Hop on the Hyperlite Capitol Loaded Wakeboard and see what all the fuss is about! 0.7" SS Beam 4-Pack Beam Fins are modeled after a traditional molded-fin, providing a looser feel than P-Wing and A-Wing Fins. Beam Fins have a running length of 8.5" and can break free when desired. Sized Up Philosophy Advances in board construction have reduced boards' overall weight, keeping swing weight at a minimum. Combined with the wake size of today, this evolution means it's time to ride a larger board delivering more pop and airtime and more stable and secure landings. Blended 3-Stage Rocker Blended 3-Stage rocker creates explosive vertical pop. Designed to boot a rider off the wake, the Blended rocker line also generates good speed into the wake without the traditional 3-Stage drag. Shaped by Scott "Butch" Bouchard Scott Bouchard has been shaping wakeboards for close to twenty years, working with the biggest legends in the sport. Based in Satellite Beach, Florida Scott's influence on wakeboard and wakesurf shapes can be seen throughout Hyperlite line up. Tip to Tail Channels Channels running tip to tail delivering added traction and an aggressive feel on the water. | Hyperlite Capitol Loaded Wakeboard 2023 - 143