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core-12-pro-freeride-spacer, Superior edge control!Toe pieces on tech bindings provide more stiffness and precision than alpine binding toe pieces. The same isn't true for heel pieces: on tech bindings, the boot sole cannot be in touch with the ski because boots have different sole thicknesses. Until now! The ATK AL09 FreeRide Spacer eliminates the performance gap between tech and alpine bindings - providing astonishing downhill performance.Get the most from your equipment in all skiing conditions. Torsional and vertical movement ("slop") common to lesser tech bindings, already minimized by our ROTATIONAL CAM SYSTEMA(R) heel, are now entirely eliminated. Ski with edge control not achievable in other tech bindings.The spacer eliminates the gap between the sole of the boot and the ski/binding, reducing stress - especially from big hits -- on the boot/binding interface by directly transferring force to the ski instead of the binding pins.Two elastic slide anti-friction pads grant proper side release when the spacer is loaded during jumps or compressions. Customize the spacer height with the provided washers to perfectly fit any boot sole. When properly calibrated, lateral release is not altered in any way.The Freeride Spacer can be installed with HAGAN Core 12 Pro and Boost 12 bindings as well as ATK R12, FR14 and Front 12 bindings. To add the stomp plates to already installed bindings, remove the binding, install the spacer and reinstall the binding with fresh glue and the same screws. No new screw holes!Note: The AL09 Freeride Spacer should only be mounted on skis wider than 95mm at the waist because the base is nearly 95mm wide and will extend over the edge of narrower skis. Works with:Hagan Core 12 ProHagan Boost 12ATK R12/Raider 12ATK FR14/Freeraider 14ATK Front 12Features:WEIGHT: 29 grams eachMADE FOR: Free touringMATERIALS: DELRIN 100 BK602COLORS: BlackCONTAINS: Pair - 2 freeride spacers (for two bindings) and 2 sets of shims. Single - 1 freeride spacer (for one binding) and 1 set of shims.Does NOT work with:Hagan Core 12 EvoHagan Pin Up 10 EvoHagan Pin Up 8 EvoATK Raider 11 EvoATK Raider 13 EvoATK Free Raider 15 EvoThe Evo bindings use the new (very similar, just different fittings) AL13 Freeride Spacer.Also does NOT work with:Hagan Pure 8Hagan Pure 10ATK Crest 8ATK Crest 10The Pure and Crest bindings lack the fittings on the bottom of the binding plate that secure the AL09.Installation and Warranty - Install the shims so that a very slight gap remains between the stomp plates and your boot when the boot is unweighted. Enough gap to slide a piece of paper between the boot and spacer in the unweighted state. When weighted, the gap will disappear and there will be a solid connection between the boot and spacers. If a gap isn't left when unweighted, stepping into the heel pins may be difficult and too much stress may be put on the spacers. Because functioning and durability is very dependent on proper set up, the AL09 spacers are not warrantable, but can be replaced singly at a very reasonable price.