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ultra-race-binding-toe-piece-set-of-two, The perfect complement to Hagan Ultra 65 and 77 skis.Need just the toe pieces? We have you covered.These are sold as singles. Need a set? Order two.Also works great with the narrower Core and Ride Series skis. DescriptionSpecsRelated ProductsThe Ultra ski mountaineering race binding toe piece is ultra light weight: just 70 grams. It features easy locking and unlocking of the toe piece via a polymer wheel bearing. The toe piece automatically snaps into a "semi-locked" position upon step in - the semi-locked position is strong enough to avoid release in less technical climbs and the auto feature saves a few valuable seconds in transition. The toe can be manually fully locked when desired. Lightweight aluminum crampons are available in 70, 86, 91, 97 and 108mm widths, as are ski brakes. 30mm and 60mm adjustment plates are also available.The Hagan Ultra Race bindings are the ideal complement to the Ultra 65 and our other lightweight skis. Set of Two.Ultra lightweight and durable for racing. Weight: 70 gramsAutomatic Semi-Lock SystemPolymer wheel bearing for easy toe locking and unlockingAttachment points for optional crampon hooks Ski leashes, ski brakes and replacement parts readily available.Recommended Products: R01 Adjustment PlateR04 Adjustment PlateSki BrakeSafety Leash70mm, 86mm, 91mm, 97mm and 108mm CramponsReplacement U-Springs