Gerber Take-A-Part Shears | Nylon/Rubber | LAPoliceGear.com

Gerber Take-A-Part Shears | Nylon/Rubber | LAPoliceGear.com

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Gerber Take-A-Part Shears | Nylon/Rubber | LAPoliceGear.com, The ruggedly efficient Vital Take-a-Part Shears are expertly built to break down small game for ultra-easy application and storage. With their high-visual Vital handles, newly designed with an eye to comfort, the Take-a-Part shears invigorate the exciting new Vital series.Pivot the Pin and Pop the Shears ApartClean the Vital Take-a-Part Shears with speed on the go. Once the pivot pin is released and the two blades are separate, the Vital Take-a-Part Shears wipe down well for fast storage. Move easily both on the field and on the journey to and from the hunt with this clever tool. The serrated blade edges are perfect for cutting through tough jobs with speed and efficiency, making the Vital Take-a-Part Shears an effective tool for disassembling game on the field, and use them at home in the kitchen when working with raw poultry.Reliable and Agile for Simple UtilityThe Vital Take-a-Part Shears pack neatly into the included sheath, hooking onto a belt for speedy access and storage. These sturdy shears possess grippy rubber handles and are an easy and accommodating carry for any hunter, whether experienced or a novice. Features: Handle Material: Rubber Overmolded Nylon Blade Material: 420J2 steel Overall Length: 8" Weight: 4.6 oz. Gerber Take-A-Part Shears | Gerber Take-A-Part Shears | Nylon/Rubber | LAPoliceGear.com