Bolderton Men's Ridge 8 inch Waterproof 1000-gram Insulated Hunting Boots

Bolderton Men's Ridge 8 inch Waterproof 1000-gram Insulated Hunting Boots

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Bolderton Men's Ridge 8 inch Waterproof 1000-gram Insulated Hunting Boots, Our Most Full-Featured Hunting BootBuilt for the hardcore hunter, our Bolderton Ridge Boots are equipped with the finest components and technologies available to help you tag out. It starts with the highest grade of full-grain leather we could find. Full-grain leather has the full, complete grain of the cowhide intact, and will not split or tear. The leather is augmented by a rubber rand that wraps around your foot completely to provide an extra layer of protection for added durability. From there, we added our own Guide Dry 100% waterproof/breathable technology, a Vibram Megagrip outsole for serious grip, and layers of comfort padding inside. The result is a Boot that can take tough conditions in stride.718520_tsBolderton Boot Guide Dry 100% Waterproof/Breathable ComfortGuide Dry is our own waterproof/breathable technology, designed from the ground up to provide the max in dry comfort while maintaining breathability. The membrane features tiny pores that keep larger waterproof molecules from getting in while allowing much smaller vapor molecules to escape-so there's none of that stuffy discomfort found on cheap waterproof methods. Guide Dry is tested and proven to perform at the highest level, and will retain its water-blocking properties long after other waterproof technologies begin to leak.GuideDry-Graphic-with-icons_tsGuide Dry Lining Vibram Megagrip: True to its NameVibram Megagrip delivers the ultimate combination of grip and durability, making it the ideal high-performance rubber compound for extremely demanding hunts. Whether you're side-hilling up a steep incline, navigating slick rocks by the river's edge, or traversing an icy bank, Vibram keeps your feet firmly on solid ground. And like all Vibram soles, these are extremely long-wearing for maximum life.715960i18_tsVibram Megagrip outsole The OrthoLite DifferenceOrthoLite Open-Cell Foam insoles are ultra-comfortable, highly breathable, moisture-wicking