PPU .308 Winchester 180 Grain SP 20 Rounds

PPU .308 Winchester 180 Grain SP 20 Rounds

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PPU .308 Winchester 180 Grain SP 20 Rounds, Quality current-production PPU Pistol Rounds from Prvi Partizan, a leading Serbian manufacturer since 1928. Whether you're a soldier, law enforcement agent, competitive shooter or citizen, PPU Ammo is good stuff, and highly affordable. The PPU story. Founded in 1928, PPU - or Prvi Partizan - has been manufacturing ammunition for 87 years. The Serbian company prides itself on quality by using the best components and with continuous testing. PPU manufactures their own cartridge cases and bullets - so the quality control is all in-house. The extra attention to detail results in extremely accurate and safe ammo that can be reloaded several times. Order today!