Fortius 2p Trekking Pole Backpacking Tent

Fortius 2p Trekking Pole Backpacking Tent

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Fortius 2p Trekking Pole Backpacking Tent, Fortius: the name is reminiscent of "refuge" & "stronghold." The Fortius Trekking Pole Tent is your ultimate refuge in the wild for intense adventures. Designed to surpass the limitations of traditional trekking pole tents, the Fortius is engineered to withstand the harshest conditions, from violent winds to pouring rain and lightning storms. Here's why it's the perfect companion for your rugged backcountry excursions:Storm-Worthy Design: Unlike other ultralight trekking pole tents, the Fortius is truly storm-worthy. With multiple "storm points" and extra-long detachable stake lines, you have the flexibility to reinforce your shelter against the elements and pitch it in any direction, providing unparalleled protection in extreme environments.Durable Nylon Construction: Crafted from durable nylon, the Fortius offers superior strength over a similar weight polyester. Our field testing has proven that minor sagging issues commonly associated with nylon can be easily resolved by retensioning the tent after initial setup, ensuring optimal performance throughout your adventure.Spacious and Comfortable: Enjoy ample livable space with large protective vestibules by both doors to keep your gear sheltered and secure. Sit up fully and rest comfortably without feeling claustrophobic, thanks to the Fortius' thoughtful design that prioritizes usable space and comfort.Versatile Performance: With a non-tapered bathtub floor, the Fortius can be pitched in any direction without worrying about which end you can lay your head in. The detachable storm points allow you to reinforce against wind & weather in any direction - giving you peace of mind & a better night's sleep.Experience the full backcountry experience with the Fortius Trekking Pole Tent. With its lightweight design and durability, it's your stronghold against the elements, ensuring you stay sheltered and safe without having to sacrifice pack weight.