DragonWool Boxer

DragonWool Boxer

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DragonWool Boxer, Built With The Most Advanced Performance Fabric: NuYarn DragonWool(TM) is warmer, lighter, stronger, smoother, softer, longer-lasting, stays warm even when wet, and dries 4x faster than normal Merino wool!Dries 4 Times Faster: DragonWool utilizes the highest quality merino wool against your skin to wick moisture away from your body, and then the jersey face polyester quickly pulls that moisture from the wool and evaporates it into the air!Actively Breathable: DragonWool keeps you warm when you need to be, and lets you breath and cool when you are active! Merino wool and the jersey face polyester materials are woven together to form one fabric- it's not bonded together, but woven together to create a synergy that actively cools or warms your body with different activity levels! Odor Resistant: The built in properties of high quality merino in DragonWool provide protection against odor from bacterial build-up. Even on multi-day trips you'll be able to enjoy your adventures without smelling yourself!*note- DragonWool is a performance first fabric, and is not designed for excessive abrasion.