CS40 Ultra Backpack

CS40 Ultra Backpack

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CS40 Ultra Backpack, 2 Ounces. The difference between being comfortable and not.We've known experienced thru-hikers that avoid some amazing remote backcountry because "the weight required for the long carries would be too uncomfortable with their frameless packs."So we asked ourselves, "What if we could design a frame that weighs as much as a sip of water, but could still carry all the necessary gear and weight comfortably, no matter the distance or season?"That's exactly what the CS40 Ultra is - the ideal 40L ultralight pack for the ultralight hiker!It's comfortable, durable, & stable - even if you are hiking a lot of miles all day!And this thing is LIGHT.There are a lot of ultralight backpacks out there that are so minimal that they aren't even comfortable. But the CS40 Ultra was designed for extra comfort even while maintaining an ultralight weight. Comfort Redefined: Unlike other ultralight backpacks that sacrifice comfort, the CS40 Ultra prioritizes your comfort without compromising on weight. Our thoughtful design includes a full frame, functional load lifters, targeted back panel, anatomical shoulder straps, and a wide hip belt for a comfortable fit during extended hikes.Ultralight Innovation: We didn't cut corners; instead, we cut weight. The secret lies in the name - CS stands for Carbon Stay. We utilized ultralight Carbon Fiber frame stays, weighing only 2 oz (combined total), to efficiently distribute your load. Functional load lifters ensure weight stays off your shoulders, making every step more comfortable. And then there's the fabric...Ultra-Durable Fabric: Our Ultra fabric is as light as DCF but 6 times more abrasion-resistant and twice as strong. It ensures a tough yet lightweight pack for your adventurous pursuits. When the trail gets wild, your CS40 Ultra is up to the challenge.Streamlined Design: Embrace simplicity with a minimalistic yet feature-rich design. We kept the essential features you need while eliminating unnecessary bulk. Functional load lifters, stretch mesh pockets, and ample space in the main chamber make this backpack a reliable companion.Lightweight, durable, & streamlined - the CS40 Ultra is the ultralight solution for hiking without sacrificing comfort. We kept all the best features you need, and got rid of the ones you don't!