THE SEVENTY2A(R) Survival System

THE SEVENTY2A(R) Survival System

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THE SEVENTY2A(R) Survival System, 95% of all survival situations are resolved within 72 hours, but the first 72 hours are extremely critical. Having the right gear can mean the difference between life and death. With that in mind, we worked closely with first responders, doctors, special forces operators, mountain guides and other experts to develop the world's best survival kit for one person. Designed by experts, loved by critics, and even fought over on Shark Tank - The SEVENTY2A(R) Survival System is the world's best, and most trusted, 72-hour survival kit for one person.Need gear for 2+ people? Check out our SEVENTY2A(R) Pro.Please note: Contents in the kit may differ slightly from photos, as we continuously collaborate with vendors to enhance quality while maintaining a consistent product price.