The Athena | Portable Jump Starter & Power Bank

The Athena | Portable Jump Starter & Power Bank

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The Athena | Portable Jump Starter & Power Bank, Bring your own electricity with the all-powerful Athena, our newest portable energy system. Whether your car needs a jump or your laptop needs a boost, the Athena's 16000mAh capacity holds more than enough power to get you home.Jumpstart up to a 6.0L Gasoline or Diesel engine in seconds, at least 15 times with one charge. The Athena's new intelligent battery clamps have 8 protections built in to insure no sparks or shocks, even if used the wrong way.Quickly power your mobile office with USB-C, MicroUSB and (2) USB, without needing to find an outlet.The Athena's high-level voltage multiplier generates an extremely high output by allowing all four battery cells to work together at the same time, prolonging battery life and producing stronger battery jump capabilities.A 3-in-1 LED built in flashlight can light your way in the dark, or help you start your engine. The Athena's waterproof, dust proof (IP67) and shock proof design make the it a trusted companion for your outdoor adventures and extreme environments.