Garmin fenixA(R) 7

Garmin fenixA(R) 7

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Garmin fenixA(R) 7, There are 7 days in a week. And the f?"nix 7 Series multisport GPS watches are built for all of them. Meet any athletic or outdoor challenge with cutting-edge training features, sports apps, 24/7 health and wellness monitoring and more. Use trusted button controls or new touchscreen interfaces to access selections. Gain performance insights and metrics that help you manage your exertion and build stamina. Optimize recovery and overall wellness by monitoring heart rate, respiration, stress, sleep and more. GPS and outdoor navigation sensors guide your outings off the beaten path. And to complement your tamer days, connected features include smart notifications, music storage and Garmin Pay(TM) contactless payments. Available Solar versions offer solar charging lenses that use the sun's energy to extend battery life. Plus, f?"nix 7X offers a built-in LED flashlight that keeps you going after dark. PERFORMANCE BY DESIGNUpdated, ultratough design features a large 1.3" display and 47 mm fiber-reinforced polymer case. The watch is tested to U.S. military standards for thermal, shock and water resistance.TOUCHSCREEN AND BUTTONSTraditional button controls that work in any environment are matched with a responsive new touchscreen interface for quick access to selections and functions.BATTERY LIFEInternal, rechargeable lithium battery provides up to 18 days of battery life in smartwatch mode, 57 hours in GPS mode and up to 57 days in battery saver mode.Transform exertion into exhilaration.Use preloaded activity profiles for trail running, swimming, running, biking, hiking, rowing, skiing, golfing, surfing, indoor climbing and more.BUILT-IN SPORTS APPSStay informed when you're in the snow. This preloaded profile helps distinguish between skiing and climbing. It shows metrics specific to either ascent or descent.BACKCOUNTRY SKIWhen paired with the HRM-Pro(TM) chest strap (sold separately), the ski power metric helps measure the actual exercise load of your cross-country workouts.XC SKI DYNAMICSGet ready to catch some waves. This f?"nix watch works with the Surfline Sessions(TM) feature, which creates a video of every wave you ride in front of a SurflineA(R) camera4. So you can watch them later and see how you did with your Surfline Sessions subscription.SURF-READY FEATURESTrack the details of every ride with mountain biking metrics plus specialized Grit(TM) and Flow(TM) measurements that rate trail difficulty and how smoothly you descend, giving you a score to beat next time.MTB DYNAMICSThis activity profile tracks your high-intensity interval training workouts, including AMRAP, EMOM, Tabata and custom. Set the number of rounds, work/rest intervals and more.HIIT WORKOUTSFor training guidance that takes you and your fitness level into account, get daily run and ride recommendations based on your current training load and training status.DAILY WORKOUT SUGGESTIONSBased on your running history and overall fitness level, this feature provides an estimate of what your pace could be for the distance you want to run. Trend data shows how your training is having an impact over time.VISUAL RACE PREDICTORA first-of-its-kind PacePro feature helps keep you on pace with grade-adjusted guidance as you run a course.PACEPRO(TM) TECHNOLOGYUse the ClimbPro ascent planner on downloaded courses to see real-time information on your current and upcoming climbs, including gradient, distance and elevation gain - as well as descents and flats.CLIMBPRO FEATUREView advanced training metrics that include running dynamics, heat- and altitude-adjusted VO2 max, trail running adjustment, recovery advisor and more.PERFORMANCE METRICSUse this real-time stamina data to track and manage your exertion - and help avoid overexerting at the start of your run or bike.REAL-TIME STAMINAAfter each workout, recovery time lets you know when you'll be ready for another hard workout. It even accounts for training intensity and factors such as stress, daily activity and sleep.RECOVERY TIME ADVISORAfter each workout, recovery time lets you know when you'll be ready for another hard workout. It even accounts for training intensity and factors such as stress, daily activity and sleep.