3/2mm Women's XCEL GCS Full Wetsuit

3/2mm Women's XCEL GCS Full Wetsuit

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3/2mm Women's XCEL GCS Full Wetsuit, Women's XCEL GCS 3/2 Full The 3/2mm XCEL GCS fullsuit is a budget friendly suit for any watersport. The entire upper body is made of ultrastretch neoprene for flexibility where it counts, and the seams are flatlock stitched for extra durability. Also features wind resistant panels on chest and back, durable kneepads, adjustable collar, and wrist and ankle seals to reduce flushing. XCEL Wetsuits are environmentally conscious, featuring limestone based neoprene and glue. This green approach to wetsuit development eliminates oil-consuming processes, using hydro-electric power and waste energy instead. 1 year warranty on wetsuits. 3 month warranty on lycra, boots, gloves, and hoods.