3/2mm Men's XCEL REVOLT X2-Zip Fullsuit

3/2mm Men's XCEL REVOLT X2-Zip Fullsuit

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3/2mm Men's XCEL REVOLT X2-Zip Fullsuit, 3/2mm Men's XCEL REVOLT X2-ZIP Fullsuit Wetsuit aficionados know that Xcel makes some of the best surfing suits in the world. This year, they keep up that reputation by releasing the Revolt. This suit will keep the wearer mostly dry, as it combines Xcel's top of the line V Foam and Airprene neoprene with Quick Dry poly fleece lining. The rubber and lining isn't the only way this suit keeps you warm and dry - the Fusion and Pressure Bonded seams provide stretch, an excellent barrier to water, and unrivaled seam strength. The Revolt also features a slanted chest zipper to minimize water entry, durable knee pads, and Drylock wrist seals. 1yr Warranty