3/2mm Men's XCEL DRYLOCK Full Wetsuit

3/2mm Men's XCEL DRYLOCK Full Wetsuit

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3/2mm Men's XCEL DRYLOCK Full Wetsuit, 3/2mm Men's XCEL DRYLOCK Full Wetsuit If you want every feature known to man, the 3/2mm XCEL DRYLOCK is your suit. This wetsuit now features XCEL's exclusive Thermo Dry Celliant inner lining. What exactly is Celliant technology? The Celliant inner lining recycles your body heat and converts it to usable infrared energy for greater warmth, increased endurance, faster recovery, and overall enhanced performance. Water stays out thanks to a combination of Drylock gaskets at wrists, ankles, and neck, plus a waterproof drylock chest zipper. The horizontal chest zip also has an inside seal, and has been reconfigured for easier on/off. This suit also features 100% water repellant neoprene that absorbs less water than traditional suits, leaving you with ultimate stretch and minimal bulk. Talk about a durable suit! Also features: Less panels and seams for greater flexibility, wind resistant chest, durable kneepads, and abrasion-resistant fibers that resist damage over time. Go green and go warm! All XCEL Infiniti products feature a unique bamboo-infused lining, a neoprene engineered from recycled yarns with the goal of reducing the amount of materials that ultimately end up in landfills. This green approach to wetsuit development complements Xcel's longstanding initiative of using limestone-based neoprene and glue, which eliminates oil-consuming processes, using hydro-electric power and waste energy instead. 1 year warranty on wetsuits. 3 month warranty on lycra, boots, gloves, and hoods.