P-line Kick'r Grub - Rootbeer

P-line Kick'r Grub - Rootbeer

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P-line Kick'r Grub - Rootbeer, P-line Kick'r Grub - The Kick'r Grub Is A 6 Inch Hook Tail Worm With A Paddle At The Tip Of The Tail. What The Paddle Does Is Give Extreme Action To The Body Of The Grub, Which Translates Into A Pulsating Motion When You Swim The Grub. The Bait Comes Scented With A Shrimp Oil Added During The Injection Process. With The Extra Vibration This Is A Great Dirty Water, Low Light, Or Night Bait, And Has Been Proven Effective In Both Fresh And Saltwater Applications. There Are 5 Kick'r Grubs Per Pack. shrimp Oil Scented5 Per Packmpn: 750350202