Soto Aero Water Bottle 200 ml Silver

Soto Aero Water Bottle 200 ml Silver

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Soto Aero Water Bottle 200 ml Silver, Soto Aero Water Bottle 200 ml Silver. The Aero Bottle is a double-walled vacuum sealed insulated bottle made of titanium. This bottle looks particularly striking with a surface texture reminiscent of traditional Japanese washi paper. The subtle irregular surface makes the bottle feel pleasantly warm in the hand underscoring the noble value of the product. The inside is unique with its crystalized shiny surface. This titanium double-walled water bottle functions just right. The slim 300 ml bottle weighs only 190 grams. Nevertheless it is quite robust. It tucks nicely into smaller backpacks and bags. The bottle neck has a large opening with raised leak-proof internal threading This means that one can safely drink hot liquids directly from the bottle without burning the lips on the bottle. In the winter the Aero Bottle s vacuum function with its amazing insulating capabilities keeps hot drinks hot for extended periods of time regardless of the ambient temperatures. In the summer cold liquids in the titanium bottle remain refreshingly cold unlike aluminum bottles that take on the outside temperature relatively quickly. In fact one product tester reports that he left the Aero Bottle in his car when the temperature was over 100 degrees. When he returned from his all-day hike he indulged in a cool drink from his titanium water bottle. The material is tasteless and it does not react to food. Titanium is non-toxic uncoated and chemical resistant SOTO s new double-walled titanium Aero Bottle is not only an alternative for conventional insulated bottles when camping cycling hiking and traveling. It is also a reliable stylish and long-lasting companion for everyday use. Specifications for Soto Aero Water Bottle: Manufacturer: Soto Color: Silver Fabric/Material: Titanium Volume: 200 ml Application: Casual Weight: 4.4 oz Dimensions: 2.75x2.75x7 in Hydration Cap Type: Loop Cap Carry Capacity: 200 ml Features of Soto Aero Water Bottle Double-walled titanium construction Vacuum sealed Keeps hot or cold for up to 12 hours Large opening Leak-proof internal thread Neck of bottle does not cause burning of lips Extremely lightweight Durable Easy to pack Pleasant touch to the hand due to WASHI texture on exterior Package Contents: Soto Aero Water Bottle Soto ST-AB21: Aero Water Bottle 200 ml Silver