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VISM MOLLE EMT Pouch Red, VISM MOLLE EMT Pouch Red. Internally there are zippered mesh compartment several pockets and dozen elastic straps to organize your supplies. The MOLLE base has hook and loop fasteners that allow you to pull/rip the main pouch away from the MOLLE base in case of an emergency. This is a great pouch that can serve many different tasks that requires you to be able to carry and organize a lot of supplies. Size : 8" H x 6.5" W x 3.5" D Specifications for VISM MOLLE EMT Pouches: Manufacturer: VISM Attachment/Mount Type: MOLLE/PALS Application: Outdoor Features of VISM MOLLE EMT Pouches: This MOLLE EMT Pouch has a double zippered main compartment is a tri-fold design that unfolds into three separate compartments for easy access to your supplies The flip-out panel has a zippered compartment with see-through mesh material to easily identify the supplies stored in that compartment The other two panels have several pockets and dozen elastic straps to organize your supplies This EMT pouch can serve many purposes that requires you carry and organize supplies Beside the obvious choice of organizing your first aid supplies this EMT pouch can be used for: everyday carry gear fishing supplies camping supplies action camera bag school supplies or any other tasks that you can think of The EMT Pouch has a MOLLE base that has hook and loop fasteners that allow the main EMT Pouch to be pulled/ripped away from the MOLLE base in an emergency The MOLLE base also has 1" webbing with a plastic quick connect buckle to help secure the EMT pouch to the MOLLE Base The EMT base has two PAL straps to attach to other MOLLE compatible gear such as: backpacks chest rigs/vests plate carriers etc The outside of the EMT pouch has three rows of MOLLE webbing for attaching other MOLLE compatible gear to your EMT pouch There is also a small patch of loop fastener for attaching hook and loop name tapes or patches. Package Contents: VISM MOLLE EMT Pouches VISM CVEMT2970R: MOLLE EMT Pouch Red