Caspian 1911 Slides

Caspian 1911 Slides

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Caspian 1911 Slides, Custom-quality slides from Caspian, ready to be fitted to the frame of your choice. They start as high-quality forgings for extra strength, then are heat-treated to Rc 38-41 before machining for exceptional dimensional stability. Sides are polished, while the rest of the surface is bead-blasted for a non-glare, matte finish. Deep-cut, forward-angled rear cocking serrations prevent slippage when racking, even with a wet hand. Available in 4340 carbon steel (CS) and 416 stainless steel (SS) with .45 ACP, .40 S&W, and 9mm breechfaces. Commander and Officers models in .45 ACP only. Choose a slide without sight cuts (NC), or between two pre-cut dovetail options: a Novak Lo-Mount or Bo-Mar Mfg: Caspian SPECS: 4340 carbon steel, in-the-white, or 416 stainless steel, natural finish. Government model accepts 5" barrel. Commander accepts 4.25" barrel. Officers model accepts 3.5" barrel. All Caspian slides require the use of a 9mm/.38 Super firing pin.