10-8 Performance Llc 1911 U-Notch Rear Sight

10-8 Performance Llc 1911 U-Notch Rear Sight

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10-8 Performance Llc 1911 U-Notch Rear Sight, Fixed rear sight is precision machined from heat-hardened 4140 steel bar stock, so it withstands the wear and tear of daily carry, yet delivers a clear, precise sight picture. Perfect for concealed carry, duty, or combat pistols where a rugged, reliable rear sight is mission critical. Fully "dehorned," with rounded and chamfered edges to prevent snagging on holster, clothing, or other gear that could impede draw. Easy-to-acquire .125" high U-shaped notch aligns quickly with a wide variety of factory-height front sights, including fiber optic, tritium dot, and gold beads. Rear face of the plain black blade has 40 lpi serrations for a glare-free sight picture under almost a Mfg: 10-8 Performance Llc SPECS: Steel, matte black finish. Fits Novak-style 65deg x .500" dovetail. Standard - .325" high, available with .125", .140", and .156" wide notches. Tall - .375" high, with .125" wide notch, for Officers model and other short-barrel 1911s; a direct re