Muc-Off | Carbon Gripper 75G

Muc-Off | Carbon Gripper 75G

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Muc-Off | Carbon Gripper 75G, MUC-OFF CARBON GRIPPERCarbon fiber is a wonderful material that is both lightweight and strong. Just about every part on a bicycle can be made out of carbon fiber. When you're installing a carbon fiber part though, you never want to overtighten it. Unfortunately, when carbon fiber parts are tightened down to their max torque, they can still slip. That's where Muc-Off comes in with their Carbon Gripper. It is a highly efficient carbon fiber assembly compound that creates friction between carbon parts that prevents them from slipping. You can use this for your seatpost, handlebars and stem. Features Keep carbon parts gripped so you don't have to overtighten Non-slip surface to surface formula | Muc-Off | Carbon Gripper 75G