Muc-Off | Bio Grease 150G

Muc-Off | Bio Grease 150G

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Muc-Off | Bio Grease 150G, MUC-OFF BIO GREASEGrease and moving components go together like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong. Grease helps prevent corrosion and friction between parts so your bike's components will last a long time. The Bio Grease by Muc-Off is a fully biodegradable grease designed specifically to reduce friction between moving parts. It is water resistant so it won't wash off by accident and features an ultra-slippery formula. So when you're building a new bike or just replacing the bearings, make sure you use the best grease. Features Reduces friction and improves performance of moving parts Biodegradable ultra-slippery formula Water resistant so it won't wash off by accident | Muc-Off | Bio Grease 150G