Swimline Side-by-Side Double Ring Lounger

Swimline Side-by-Side Double Ring Lounger

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Swimline Side-by-Side Double Ring Lounger, Go on . . . and on and on with a 2 person Side-by-Side Conversation Pool Lounger from Swimline! Catch up and cool off in a Side by Side Conversation Lounger. This two-person pool float is perfect for spending a lazy afternoon chatting in the water. You and a friend can each lean back against the comfortable head rest and talk the day away. And at 74" x 46" (188 cm x 116.8 cm), you're sure to have plenty of room to stretch out and relax. Float is made from durable vinyl, has radio frequency (RF) welded seams and comes with an easy inflate stem valves. Even if your idea of water fun is a little time for girl talk, Swimline delivers with the Side by Side Conversation Lounger!