Framed Pro 27.5 + Rear Bike Wheel

Framed Pro 27.5 + Rear Bike Wheel

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Framed Pro 27.5 + Rear Bike Wheel, Have your Cake and eat it too! Chew up the single track with your fat bike, set up with the FRAMED Pro 29+ wheels! "Plus" size wheels refer to the 3" wide tires that offer some of the benefits of fat bikes but in a much more manageable platform for singletrack trail and all terrain use. Compared to fat wheels, these wheels and tires are less bulky and offer great traction by utilizing a large contact patch. That equates to extra float to keep you going in rough terrain. Make sure you order both front and rear wheels OR go for the complete set with tubes and tires! Compatible with The Framed Alaskan Alloy, Wolftrax Alloy, and Minnesota 3.0. Key Features of Framed Pro 27.5 + Rear Bike Wheel Rim: Aluminum with weight reducing cut outs Spoke: 36, 14Ga. Stainless Steel with Brass Nipple Hub: Sealed Quanta Hub Width: 190mm Rim Width: 50mm Walls: Single wall construction Axle Type: Quick Release Note: Skewer and cassette are not included with the wheel