Xcel 3/2mm Drylock Wetsuit - Men's

Xcel 3/2mm Drylock Wetsuit - Men's

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Xcel 3/2mm Drylock Wetsuit - Men's, XCEL Size Chart Xcel's most advanced wetsuit now features even more TDC Thermo Dry Celliant, Xcel's warmest wetsuit lining ever. TDC's clinically proven Smart Fiber Technology recycles your body heat into infrared energy for maximum warmth and enhanced performance. In the Drylock, TDC is featured in a plush wave pattern high pile in the front and back torso from the upper chest to the knees, and in an infrared print low pile in the upper body and lower legs. The Drylock is also the only fullsuit with a 100% waterproof zipper, stitch-free FusionWeld seams, and full water-repellent Quick Dry Fiber exterior. A two-part SmoothSkin hem seal and innovative magnetic zip closure, and inner Thermo Dry seam tape are just a few more of the many features that make the Drylock Xcel's most advanced fullsuit series ever. Features: - Xcel Style MQ32Dry5 - TDC Thermo Dry Celliant High Pile - TDC Thermo Dry Celliant Low Pile - Waterproof Drylock Entry System - Two-Part SmoothSkin Hem Seal - Magnetic Zip Closure - Crossover Neck Entry - Materials: 100% Quick Dry Fiber Exterior, V Foam, UltraStretch Neoprene and Texture Skin - Fusion Weld Stitch-Free Seams - Thermo Dry Seam Tape - Drylock Wrist Seals - Inner NexSkin Seals - Back Knee Flex Grooves - DuraFlex Knee Panels - Less Seam = More Stretch