Boardworks 7'0'' Monkey Wrench Surfboard

Boardworks 7'0'' Monkey Wrench Surfboard

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Boardworks 7'0'' Monkey Wrench Surfboard, Designed and tested in southern California, the Boardworks Monkey Wrench is a modern fun shape that is a blast in all types of conditions! With a generous amount of foam, progressive rocker, and full outline, the Monkey Wrench is an excellent choice for those looking to increase their wave count without sacrificing maneuverability. Built with a TEC molded epoxy construction, consisting of a tuned EPS core mold, and compression sandwiched with layers of fiberglass cloth and high end epoxy resin. Session your local break with this wave catching machine and throw a monkey wrench into the mix! Features: - Foam-rich foil and bottom shape with slight concave running from a single forward to double out the tail - Full squash tail allowing for excellent water release out the back and plenty of lift in the tail - Fuller nose for extra flotation - Tri fin setup complements the full squash tail - FCS II fin system allows for a tool-less connection and a wide variety of performance fin options - Molded TEC (Thermal Epoxy Compression) construction - Dimensions: 7'0" x 21" x 2 13/16" - Only available to ship within the continental U.S.A