2XU A:1 ACTIVE Wetsuit - Men's

2XU A:1 ACTIVE Wetsuit - Men's

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2XU A:1 ACTIVE Wetsuit - Men's, 2XU Wetsuit Size Chart Engineered from Yamamoto neoprene, the A:1 is designed for optimal flotation and flexibility. Features include water entrapment zones, rollbar for enhanced positioning, floating zip panel and front buoyancy panel. Engineered from 100% Japanese Yamamoto neoprene, 2XU's A:1 is designed for triathletes demanding optimal flotation and flexibility, without the expense. Proprietary 2XU features include Concave Water Entrapment Zones (CWEZ) on the forearm, Rollbar for enhanced body positioning, Floating Zip Panel for extended reach and 39 Cell Front Buoyancy Panel for elevation in the water. Bringing top end technology to entry level triathletes, 2XU has also included Velocity Strakes in a SCS coated front chest panel for heightened body positioning and streamlined tracking through the water. Features: - SCS Coating - Hydrodynamic Silicone Coating - 39 Cell Front Buoyancy Panel - Max Buoyancy - Velocity Strakes - Hydrodynamic Stability - Concave Water Entrapment Zone - Enhanced DPS* - Floating Zip Panel - Extra DPS* - 520% Stretch Lining - Enhanced Lateral Flexibility - Rollbar - Improved Core Buoyancy + Body Position