Boardworks 5'8" Flying Pig Surfboard

Boardworks 5'8" Flying Pig Surfboard

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Boardworks 5'8" Flying Pig Surfboard, The Flying Pig will surprise you by it's high speed and performance characteristics. There is a lot packed into this little board that will get you up and flying faster - you'll find yourself ripping on small days. Krypto-Flex technology combines impact resistance of epoxy surfboards with the feel and flex of polyurethane boards, making the Flying Pig light & extremely responsive with unique flex characteristics. Features: - Generous volume for catching more waves - Flat, full and wide nose - Fairly flat rocker for speed - Volume is distributed further into the rails and farther out to the nose and tail - Double concave through the fins - FCS II tool-less five box system for a variety of setups and fin options - Dimensions: 5'8" x 23" x 2 7/8" - 38 liters - Only available to ship within the USA in the contiguous 48 states