Womens Deals

Women Get Gear Cheaper

Travis Gneiting Deals, News Womens DealsIf you have spent any time on searching for deals on line, you have I’m sure come in contact with a repeating trend.  Women’s gear always seems to be discounted more, and there are more available discounted items including products on sale and gear on clearance. I would have thought that buyers would have a pretty good idea now how much women’s product to stock, and manufactures would know just how much to make based on the needs of the retailers?  Maybe I’m wrong?  Or maybe the summer is similar to the winter season where the amount of sunshine is directly correlated with the amount of sales of summer outdoor equipment, like winter is directly associated with the amount of snow that falls?

In any argument there is one winner, and it’s the women and girls who are shopping for good deals on outdoor gear. From Jackets and coats, to tshirts and ski’s they just have it better off.  I am browsing right now and seeing how there are pages and pages of Girls clothing over 75% off!  There are also pages of girls shoes for $9.95, and over 80% off retail

So ladies, if you are looking for a screaming deal, head over to and see what deal you can find.  If you find something amazing, or just want to thank us for helping you find it, please share it in our comments or on your facebook page!