Why GearChase.com?

Travis Gneiting News

Gear Chase LogoYou may have seen stickers on cars, or Facebook post shared, maybe ran across GearChase from a Google search, or a cheap friend may have mentioned and introduced us. So what exactly is GearChase.com?

Here at GearChase we are passionate about outdoor gear, everything from snowboards and snow shoes to tents and camp stoves. We spent a lot of time searching the web, and re-searching the web for new gear and our newest adventure.  We noticed that prices on outdoor products change very often. In fact online retailers like REI.com and Backcountry.com often raise and lower the price of items to find that “Sweet Spot” where a product is priced to sale.  You can see examples of this on our price history for individual products pages (Just click a product to see the price history).  We thought there had to be an easy way to find the best deals on the products we wanted. Or even better “How can I find an amazing deal that’s just too good to pass up?” even if I’m not really in the market for that piece of equipment.

GearChase was designed to bring these deals right in front of your eyes with minimal searching, and quick price comparisons for all major online outdoor sport retailers.

Let’s run through a couple examples.  Say you were in the market for a new ski jacket. You may head on over to REI.com and search for “North Face ski jacket”, only to find that all the North Face ski jackets were marked at retail pricing.  So you then head over to Sierratradingpost.com who has some of last years North Face jackets marked down in price but not the color or style you wanted, and only 10% off. So then you head over to usoutdoor.com but they don’t even have any North Face Jackets for sale.

To save  you the time, and find a deal on a North Face Jacket, head over to GearChase.com and search for North Face Jacket. Currently, we have about 3000 jackets returned for “North Face Jackets”, using the filters, we find that about 2500 of them are on sale from over 30 different online merchants. We sort by percent off by default, which means, the first result right now is a North Face Shell from Peter Glenn Ski & Sport for $129.99, that’s 63% off retail!


You also can see from the price history that your getting the best deal on this jacket since it was first listed back in January 2011.  What a way to shop for deals!Screenshot_1

Here is another example of how awesome GearChase.com is.  Let’s say you have a little money burning a hole in your pocket. Maybe your like us, and you hate paying retail for anything.  Jump on GearChase, and start browsing, we bring over 90 Merchants together, and sort by the percent off.  You will start to find Tents at 80% off retail, or name brand sunglasses like Oakley and Smith Optics for under $15 bucks.  It’s a great way to replenish a depleted gear box. For those non-necessity items that you have been waiting to find a “Good Deal” on.

We love telling people about GearChase.com, usually the reaction is “oh yeah, we’ve heard about sites like that” but then after they get on and search around for a while it usually changes to “I saw snowboards on there for $99 bucks! and not just some piece of crap”

With all of the tools GearChase.com provides, from our iPhone, Android, and Blackberry Playbook apps, to our website, we try to make it as easy as possible for you to find the deals when they become available. So please give us a try, share us with your friends, and don’t forget to send us feedback on how we can make the site better.